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Celebrating Community Foundation Week: The Sturge W. Hughes Memorial Fund

The Sturge W. Hughes Memorial Fund was started in 2016 by his wife Regina.

Sturge, a Vietnam veteran and carpenter, never let his disabilities and special needs of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, ankylosing spondylitis, and coronary artery disease dictate his life. According to Regina, “While they may have hindered his ability to shingle a roof or play a round of golf, they never affected his wit or wisdom.”

As he began to have more time in the office due to his health limitations, Sturge shared his knowledge with the younger generation, as well as business associates.  He enjoyed providing first jobs, teaching a trade, financing an education, or helping people start their own businesses. It was this dedication to helping the young people “make a difference” to their lives that was his passion.

“When Sturge passed away, I wanted to create a tribute to his passion by supporting and enriching the lives and careers of young people. I had a vision of what I wanted to accomplish.  However, I had no experience in the best method of moving forward to attain my goal.  I contacted the Community Foundation of Fayette County and met with Clara Pascoe and Renee Couser to share my thoughts.   They were helpful and supportive beyond my expectations,” said Regina.

Regina recently retired from a 51-year association with Rockwell/Sensus in Uniontown.  Like Sturge, she enjoyed working and mentoring the new and younger associates while giving back to a company that fulfilled her professional goals as well as contributed to the happiness in her personal life.  She continues to strive to “make a difference” and feels that the Foundation provides the path to this achievement.